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Lumber Comparisons


Lumber for outdoor construction must remain stable in outdoor use and resist degradation. FineHouse offers a select number of wood species based on their performance in outdoor applications. We also offer a composite SynCore™ a product that uses dimensional lumber, engineered lumber and cellular Vinyl. SynCore™ is very durable and low in maintenance.


Western Red Cedar, (WRC) thuja plicata may be the most ecologically sound building material for outdoor use. In addition WRC is "superior to all other conifers in it's resistance to warping, twisting and bowing". We recommend WRC for projects where long lengths are required. The wood is red to light brown in color, it takes stain and clear finishes well. The only grade we provide is D&btr, it is virtually clear with only small tight knots allowed, see the examples below.

Typically Clear Flat Grain
Some small knots are allowed
Allowable knot




The Mahogany family of wood species is meliaceae, FineHouse offers two species from the Meliaceae family of woods: Cedrela odorata (also known as Spanish Cedar or Cedro) and Swietenia macrophylla. (also known as Big Leaf Mahogany). FineHouse will always use Cedrela unless you specify Swietenia, if you specify Swietenia you can expect to add 40% to the cost.


FineHouse only provides FAS grade Mahoganies, which are clear and often used for fine furniture. These Mahoganies are very resistant to insect attack and have natural oils that allow them to be very durable in outdoor use. When unfinished these woods weather to a silver grey.

Architectural Trellis
Close up
As moulding




Ipe Decking, Tabebuia spp. is a tropical hardwood with very attractive characteristics for outdoor use, particularly as decking. Ipe is very hard and long lasting, according to the U.S. Forest service it will last 25 years in outdoor use. Because Ipe requires no maintenance, is fireproof and quite beautiful, it is the preferred wood for decks, porches and outdoor stairs. The only grade we offer is FEQ (First European Quality) which is a clear grade.

Ipe Decking

Ipe Deck Tiles



SynCore™ is a composite with a structural core. SynCore™ is a low maintenance product available in flat white, it is paintable and is highly resistant to wear from the weather. The outer composite material is dense and very impact resistant.

SynCore™ lintel assembly

SynCore™ handrail

Note: For engineering specifications and a more detailed description of these materials, please contact a FineHouse product specialist - By email or by phone at (540) 436-8080

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