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16x16 CAD front elevation
...........Front Elevation



16x16 CAD side elevation
..............Side Elevation



16x16 CAD plan view
................Plan View




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16x16 Pre-Crafted Pergola

6x16 Pergola with Tuscan Columns.



16 x 16
Pre-Crafted Pergola

An architectural quality pergola with Tuscan columns and composite wood; lintels, rafters and purlins. This structure will add lasting value to your home.

Very Attractive Pricing

Classic Design

Solid 20 Year Warranty

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Specifications ~ What's Included

(4) Composite, Tuscan columns: 10-inch diameter, 8 ft. height. The columns shall be supplied with a 4x6 Pressure Treated PostCore™ for rapid installation and stability of the structure. The PostCores™ shall extend below the bottom of the column 3ft and above the top of the column 8 inches for structural connection to the lintels.

(4) Tuscan capitals and bases with pre-formed Aluminum flashing at the capitals.

Pre-crafted Thermally Modified Lumber (TML), lintel components: Double 1-1/2”x 9” lintel components that are pre-assembled, pre-cut, pre-drilled w/countersink, having carved tails and beaded edges. (8) Decorative appliqués are included for installation on the faces of the lintels above each column to conceal the galvanized thru bolts, nuts and washers that are included for fastening.

Pre–Crafted TML rafters, 1-1/2” x 7”: Pre-drilled with countersink, eased edges & carved tails. The rafters shall be notched to engage the lintels at both ends. The rafters shall be spaced as shown in the drawings to the left.

Pre-crafted TML Purlins: 1-1/2” x 3”, to be spaced as shown in the construction drawings, with carved ends and eased edges. Purlins are countersunk and predrilled at the ends, some field drilling is required in the field, to allow for alignments. All of the necessary fasteners are provided.

All of the necessary hardware, flashing, adhesives and sealants required for assembly are included

Plans, including details, Installation Notes and Tips for Construction are included Learn More

pool pergola
Pergola night setting
16x16 pergola detail



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