Roof Shape Ideas


The shape and style of your roof can have a large impact on the overall aesthetic of your structure. Different styles go well in different scenarios. Here are a few different shapes that we utilize here at FineHouse.














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Trellis as Fences

fence Nov 29, 2023

Trellis as Fences

The integration of trellis panels as fencing is a deliberate exercise in architectural finesse, merging practical enclosure with aesthetic sophistication. The lattice patterns of these panels transcend mere boundaries, introducing a delicate intricacy to the fence that plays with light and shadow. This intentional design choice transforms the fence into a visually appealing structure, while also redefining the conventional notion of fencing.

Trellis panel Mahogany fence



Fence with three quarters trellis panels


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AI Interpretation of FineHouse

new developments Nov 20, 2023

As the world of AI continues to grow and become more powerful, we thought we'd jump on board and have it analyze our website. After briefly scanning our website, this is what the AI determined were some of our unique defining factors:

  1. Customization: Unlike many competitors, FineHouse offers both modular kits and custom designs, allowing for a higher level of personalization to fit the unique needs and aesthetic preferences of each customer.


  1. Educational Resources: FineHouse provides educational content through our LEARN pages and LandPro newsletter, empowering customers with knowledge about garden architecture that they might not get from other brands.


  1. Specialty Materials: FineHouse offers specialty materials for outdoor construction that may not be available from other companies.


  1. Free Design Reference Guide: By subscribing to the LandPro newsletter, customers receive a free copy of our Design Reference for Landscape...
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Arbors, Defined


Arbors are structures similar to arches that create a tunnel-like passage over a pathway, entrance, or walkway in the garden. They are often made of wood, metal, or vinyl and often feature a curved or arched top with open sides (though not always). Arbors are commonly used to add a touch of charm and elegance to garden spaces. They can be adorned with climbing plants, such as roses, wisteria, or jasmine, which create a beautiful canopy overhead as they grow and intertwine with the structure. Arbors serve as an inviting gateway or focal point, drawing visitors into different areas of the garden. They evoke a sense of romance and provide a picturesque element for pathways or transitions between garden spaces. 

Here are some ideas for your next arbor project


Colorful arbor with flanking trellis panels



Arbor surrounded by greenery


Tall arbor with brick columns


Pro tip - Always set your arbor with a good foundation, unless you want to be...

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Garden House Modeled After Mt. Vernon Privy


Discover this garden house by FineHouse that seamlessly integrates into a brick wall, drawing inspiration from Mt. Vernon's privy. This unique space effortlessly combines historical charm with modern convenience. This garden house stands as a testament to the art of blending the past with the present, offering a unique opportunity to experience history in modern times.


Below is a glimpse into the designing and constructing of this structure.

Architectural drawing


Architectural render


Construction of dome roof


On site construction


On site construction


Completed garden house

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Pergola Pavilion w/ Outdoor Kitchen

pavilion pergola poolside Oct 27, 2023


In one frame, the Poolside Pergola Pavilion speaks volumes about outdoor living. Its vibrant blue standing seam metal roof stands out, complementing the natural surroundings. This pavilion isn't just about looks; it's a versatile space. Whether you're lounging by the pool or enjoying a lively gathering, it provides a perfect blend of elegance and practicality.


When you are planning an outdoor kitchen, or bar, or lounging area, think about having at least some of the space covered with a solid roof which protects against rain, and provides full shade! Here are some more examples for your outdoor kitchen.



Attached pavilion with outdoor kitchen and fireplace



Pergola with solid roof

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Solar & Landscaping

Solar in the Landscape

When talking about residential solar systems we usually think about rooftop solar panels, but wait! There are three reasons to talk about landscaping and solar in the same breath. All of them can represent a source of work or collaboration for the landscape pro.

First, people are often installing solar panels on ground mounted systems because they can get better performance due to orientation, and they don't have to worry about roof penetrations or architectural appeal. When ground mounted systems are employed, they are almost always, an eye sore. Case is point; landscaping can be used to obscure a ground mounted array, or through the use of plantings and other hardscape elements, bring it more meaningfully into the landscape. The illustration below is a beautiful example.

A ground mounted solar array with tastefull landscaping.


The second situation, where landscapers and solar installers can collaborate, is in the...

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Ipe Pergola & Portly Portico

ipe pergola Oct 24, 2023


                                 Below view of attached pergola                            Portico


Crafted from the finest Brazilian hardwood, these Ipe pergolas and porticos elevate your outdoor space, seamlessly blending the charm of your home with the tranquility of the natural surroundings. Their rich, natural hues and unparalleled strength not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor area but also provide a durable and long-lasting solution against the elements, creating an inviting ambiance that welcomes you to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors in utmost style and comfort.

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Pavilions & Gazebos, Defined

Pavilions & Gazebos

Pavilions & Gazebos are freestanding garden structures with a roof and typically open sides supported by pillars or columns. They are designed to provide a sheltered space for outdoor seating, relaxation, or social gatherings. These structures can be made of various materials like wood, metal, or vinyl, and they come in a variety of styles and sizes, from simple and traditional to elaborate and ornate. Pavilions & Gazebos can create a focal point in the garden, offering a place to retreat and enjoy the surroundings while being protected from the sun or rain. They can be adorned with curtains, railings, or trellises, providing additional privacy and a cozy atmosphere.

To learn more about Pavilions & Gazebos please visit our Learn Section here


A gazebo is most often seen with either six or eight sides and a pyramidal roof. 


Pavilions can take various forms but are often more spacious than a gazebo, with square or...

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Plants = Climate Change

climate change Sep 25, 2023

FineHouse thanks you for every tree, flower, shrub, etc. that you plant, because every time you do, you mitigate climate change.

To learn more check out these organizations:

Arbor Day Foundation

Green Roofs for Healthy Cities

National Wildlife Foundation

American Society of Landscape Architects

Association of Professional Landscape Designers

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