Bespoke Garden Structure Designs

At FineHouse we have been building Bespoke or "Custom" garden structures for more than 20 years. We have built wedding pavilions, outdoor kitchens & structures in public parks. We have structures around the world and across America. We are honored to have helped so many, add value and beauty to their homes, with our Bespoke Garden Structures.

Custom garden structure design

Custom Garden Structure Designs

Custom designs in garden architecture are our passion. Whether you require a pavilion with a swaled roofline, an outdoor kitchen with trellises, or a tiered structure with Art's & Crafts influence, we can assist. 
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Custom pergola design sketch

Custom Architectural Pergola Designs 

Whether you are interested in a particular size, an attached pergola, or even a circular structure, we can assist.  Professional, architectural construction documents for professionals and homeowners.
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Modular Pergola Designs

Modular pergolas in kits can have the size adjusted - with plan views


Enlarge or Reduce the size of one of our Popular Designs
in 2FT increments for a fixed price of $150

For example: Above is the 12 x 12 design enlarged 3 ways, one in depth, one in width, and one both ways.

You can increase or decrease the size of a design with only a few limitations; The distance between columns cannot exceed 16', but you can add columns at that point to further increase the width. Also, the maximum depth is capped at 16' before you need to add an additional beam.

In summary, you could increase the size of a design up to 16'x 16' before you need to start adding columns and/or beams with columns.

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Bespoke Pergola Designs              

Custom pergola renderings

Designs to fit your Desire

Work with our design team to achieve the look and feel you desire. Whether you would like large fluted columns with corinthian capitals or a circular structure with flanking colonnades, we can work with you to help realize your dreams. 

Costs are determined on an individual basis but from concept to completed construction documents can range from $800 to $2500

Call today and ask to speak with the design team about your ideas.
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Bespoke Custom Garden Structure Designs              

Custom outdoor kitchen, wedding pavilion, and summerhouse designs

Your Vision Designed 

Whether you want a one-of-a-kind wedding pavilion or a pool house with a dome, we can accommodate your wishes. We will work with you to get your dream structure just right. The result; a complete set of architectural documents for permitting and construction of the structure you desire. See examples of our projects here

Call today and ask to speak with the design team about your ideas.
(800) 686-3180


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