Architectural Garden Structures & Trelliswork

At FineHouse we offer a line of Pre-crafted garden structures and trelliswork that are delivered to your site ready for quick assembly.  

Freestanding Pergola or


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Garden Pavilion with gable roof and fireplace

Garden Structure

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Pergola with stone pedestals and trellis walls


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PreCrafted Pergolas from FineHouse                

When considering a pergola for your site, please take a look at what the professionals have used for 20 years, architectural quality Pre-Crafted pergolas from FineHouse.
    • Crafted in our workshops in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia
    • Delivered as a "Quality Assured" kit to your site for efficient assembly
    • Architectural details with no exposed fastener or hardware
    • Wood species options as well as composite construction available
Pergola Trellis on wood deck

Popular Sizes & Styles

Get style with value in our popular pergolas fabricated with KDII Wood or SynCore composite materials. Specific sizes or customize to get the size & style that fits your requirements.
You can see the prices here or scroll down to learn more.

Ipe Pergola with trellis panels, round Tuscan columns and stone pedastals

Bespoke or Custom Pergolas

Want a pergola with a completely different style or shape? Perhaps you would like it made out of Mahogany, No Problem. Call our design team today and tell us what your thinking.  (800) 686-3180   You can also learn more here


 PreCrafted Pergola Sizes

These are our most popular sizes with pricing

Pergola or trellis sizes shown in plan view


We have (4) popular sizes with lots of options so you can personalize the structure to your liking.

Pergola or trellis elevations with round, fiberglass, Tuscan Columns


You can increase columns sizes and the number of columns for example on larger structures 12" diameter columns or (2) columns at each corner are impressive upgrades.

If you are interested in a more custom pergola, please look here to learn more

Features that come with our PreCrafted Pergolas

Pergola kit features with round columns on a patio

Select the Materials & Options
to get the Pergola Look you want

White Painted Syncore Pergola Example

Low-Maintenance Composite

Solid Cellular Vinyl with an Aluminum core is painted millwork without the maintenance.
Lifetime Warranty 

Example of Stained KDII Wood Pergola

Thermally Preserved Wood

Number 1 Southern Yellow Pine, thermally enhanced and preserved
Lifetime Structural Warranty

Column Selection

All PreCrafted Pergolas come with 8ft tall composite columns. Select from Round or Square Tuscan Columns that can be either smooth or fluted. Larger & taller columns are also available.

Round, tapered, smooth and fluted Tuscan, fiberglass columns

 Round  Columns

Round Tuscan columns with taper are available in smooth & fluted
Lifetime Warranty 

Purchase columns separately here

Square, Tuscan, fiberglass columns in smooth, fluted and paneled

 Square Columns

Square Tuscan columns are available in smooth, fluted, and paneled.
Lifetime Warranty 

Purchase columns separately here

Style Choices

All Pre-Crafted Pergolas have Lintels, Rafters, and Purlins. The Lintels are the largest elements, being the "Beams" that support the Rafters and Purlins (the smallest elements on top). Select from our collection of carving designs to get the look you want.


Pergola trellis rafter tails or end designs

Lintel Styles

Lintels are the "Main Beams" that rest on the columns and are prominent in your design. Start with a lintel design and allow that to guide your choices for rafters and purlins.


Pergola trellis rafter tails or end designs

Rafter & Purlin Styles

Rafters rest on top of the lintels and the purlins are the smallest elements on the top of the rafters. Select the styles that help create the look your after.

* Square cut ends are available for all elements; Lintels, rafters & purlins
** Select carving options at checkout, at no cost.
*** Change spacing of purlins to closer together for more shade at an additional cost at checkout

Below are example drawings you will get for permit and installation.

All orders for PreCrafted structures will receive these documents right away, so you can obtain your permit, if required, and begin preparing your foundation.

Pergola trellis design with plans

The Value Proposition

PreCrafted Pergolas from FineHouse are a tremendous value for the following reasons:

  • First and foremost, you will be getting a pergola that is gorgeous and very well designed with the correct scale & proportions. A structure you can really be proud of.
  • FineHouse has been designing and building architectural garden structures for more than 20 years, it is all we do.
  • Our structures are based on designing and building thousands of structures, primarily for professionals. 
  • To have a quality pergola designed  by a professional and then built by a master carpenter or contractor will cost a bundle. Our Pre-Crafted structure will save you money.
  • You need a good set of plans like ours for obtaining a building permit.
  • You want to build a long-lasting, beautiful pergola that will add value to your property, and that you can enjoy for years to come.
  • We are a well-established business and have a toll free number you can call if you have any issues with your structure (800) 686-3180


    So please make the correct choice, and build your pergola with a PreCrafted structure from FineHouse

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