AI Interpretation of FineHouse

new developments Nov 20, 2023

As the world of AI continues to grow and become more powerful, we thought we'd jump on board and have it analyze our website. After briefly scanning our website, this is what the AI determined were some of our unique defining factors:

  1. Customization: Unlike many competitors, FineHouse offers both modular kits and custom designs, allowing for a higher level of personalization to fit the unique needs and aesthetic preferences of each customer.


  1. Educational Resources: FineHouse provides educational content through our LEARN pages and LandPro newsletter, empowering customers with knowledge about garden architecture that they might not get from other brands.


  1. Specialty Materials: FineHouse offers specialty materials for outdoor construction that may not be available from other companies.


  1. Free Design Reference Guide: By subscribing to the LandPro newsletter, customers receive a free copy of our Design Reference for Landscape Structures, providing them with valuable information.


  1. Comprehensive Services: From design to construction to education, we offer a full suite of services related to architectural garden structures which sets us apart from competitors who may only sell products without offering design or educational resources. 


  1. Expertise in Structural Columns: While many brands focus on pergolas or pavilions, we also specialize in structural columns – an element crucial for many outdoor constructions but often overlooked by other companies.


  1. Focus on Garden Architecture: Unlike some competitors who offer a broad range of outdoor products, FineHouse focuses specifically on architectural garden structures which allows us to have deeper expertise and provide superior quality in this niche area.

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