Roof Shape Ideas


The shape and style of your roof can have a large impact on the overall aesthetic of your structure. Different styles go well in different scenarios. Here are a few different shapes that we utilize here at FineHouse.














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Garden House Modeled After Mt. Vernon Privy


Discover this garden house by FineHouse that seamlessly integrates into a brick wall, drawing inspiration from Mt. Vernon's privy. This unique space effortlessly combines historical charm with modern convenience. This garden house stands as a testament to the art of blending the past with the present, offering a unique opportunity to experience history in modern times.


Below is a glimpse into the designing and constructing of this structure.

Architectural drawing


Architectural render


Construction of dome roof


On site construction


On site construction


Completed garden house

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Arbor Project Evolution

So the client eventually settled on this design for the south side of the garden (the private side), but had not decided on a gate or materials yet. We proposed SynCore, our own composite material, Accoya, the premiere natural wood product with a 50 year warranty, or Sapele, a tropical hardwood like Mahogany, but less expensive.

The client ultimately decided on Accoya for all of the components, both for it's long life, and it's sustainability. Also, the decision was made to make everything white.

Arched Entry Scheme Selected for South Entrance




On the North side of the garden the owner wanted to make a more meaningful statement, as this was going to to be the public face of the garden. The gate decision was made here also, and we would be putting a matching garden gate at the South side as well.

 Public Facing Arbor with Gate




  Mid project a lower garden was added to the project along with additional picket fencing,...

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