FineHouse Pavilion Shades Historic Cannon in Concord, NC

In the heart of Concord, North Carolina, stands a historical artifact, a 77mm field gun, a German cannon dating back to World War I. This cannon, originally crafted in Germany, found itself embroiled in the conflicts of its time before its journey led it across continents to a new home in Concord, where it is now protected from the elements by a FineHouse pavilion. Used during the tumultuous years of the Great War, this cannon was later distributed among victorious Allied nations as part of Germany's post-war disarmament.

Following its passage through history's hands, France, among the Allied powers, received this particular cannon. Rather than keeping it as a war trophy, France made a poignant decision to extend a gesture of goodwill. The cannon was gifted to the United States, and installed prominently in Concord, NC. Today, it stands as a historical artifact that not only preserves the memory of past conflicts but also symbolizes the enduring ties between nations despite the...

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Roof Shape Ideas


The shape and style of your roof can have a large impact on the overall aesthetic of your structure. Different styles go well in different scenarios. Here are a few different shapes that we utilize here at FineHouse.













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Pergola Pavilion w/ Outdoor Kitchen

pavilion pergola poolside Oct 27, 2023


In one frame, the Poolside Pergola Pavilion speaks volumes about outdoor living. Its vibrant blue standing seam metal roof stands out, complementing the natural surroundings. This pavilion isn't just about looks; it's a versatile space. Whether you're lounging by the pool or enjoying a lively gathering, it provides a perfect blend of elegance and practicality.


When you are planning an outdoor kitchen, or bar, or lounging area, think about having at least some of the space covered with a solid roof which protects against rain, and provides full shade! Here are some more examples for your outdoor kitchen.



Attached pavilion with outdoor kitchen and fireplace



Pergola with solid roof

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